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School Junior Program

These require a five-year AUD$ 4900 School Site Licence which allows whole school access to the complete suite of Junior online program materials. Once the site licence has been purchased, schools can immediately begin ordering courses for their classes.

There is a Student Fee of $19 per student. This is paid by the school to the company for each student participating in a Sound Way course or class and is paid before the commencement of a new course or class.

Everything needed to effectively deliver the Sound Way programs is provided online in the format of either videos or PDFs. This includes programming, timetabling and student workbooks.

Contents include:

Teacher/Facilitator Manual
Two Day Teacher/Facilitator Training Course on video
(8 sessions – approx. 1½ hour/session)
Junior Introductory Video
Complete program set of 53 x 35-min. Junior Sound Way Lessons on video
Set of Phonic Practice Cards (75)
Set of Phonic Practice Wall-charts (3)
Phonic Audio Drill CD

Student Junior Manual
Student Junior Workshop Book
Student Sound Way Book

  • 53 Lessons
  • School Junior
  • AUD $4,900
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